AI SENSI DELL’ARTICOLO 13 del Reg. UE 2016/679

L’FARM AI CASONI, di Conte Maria Luigia (P.IVA 03264720265 – C.F. CNTMLG57M50F190J) con
sede in Codognè (TV), via Ferracini, 21 – E-mail: in persona del legale rappresentante pro tempore sig.ra Conte Maria Luigia, Titolare del trattamento, informa i propri clienti su quali siano le finalità e modalità del trattamento dei dati personali raccolti, il loro ambito di comunicazione e diffusione, la natura del loro conferimento e i diritti connessi, ai sensi della normativa in vigore.


The Data Controller of the data supplied for the purpose of executing the contract of which the interested party is a party or to adopt pre-contractual measures at the request of the same, is Mr. Battiston Andrea (C.F. BTTNDR82S06M089E), who can be contacted by E-mail: or tel. tel. 0438 794986; the latter is responsible for compliance with the obligations deriving from EU Reg. 2016/679 for all treatments provided in the context of the activity of the,,it,PERSONAL DATA SUBJECT TO TREATMENT:,,it,The Owner and the manager collect, from the interested parties and / or receives from third parties authorized to do so, such as Tour operators with whom he collaborates (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb,,,,itVacation Rentals.


Il Titolare e il responsabile raccolgono, presso gli interessati e/o riceve da terzi a ciò autorizzati, quali Tour operator con i quali collabora (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb,, Vacation,, information concerning customers and interested parties, specifically: name, surname, tax information, such as VAT number and fiscal code, place and date of birth, physical and telematic address, unique code for electronic invoicing, landline and / or mobile phone number, bank details, such as current account number, IBAN.,,it,PURPOSE OF THE TREATMENT:,,it


I dati raccolti saranno trattati per la gestione del rapporto contrattuale o precontrattuale di esecuzione di attività proprie dell’Vacation Rentals, in particular: for the booking of the service, for the conclusion and execution of the contract, for billing and payment management, as well as for the fulfillment of any other obligation descending from the contract, also of a fiscal nature or, possibly, for the protection of the rights of the data controller, in the event of a dispute, within the limits permitted by law. The obligations to which the Data Controller must comply depending on the contract and the specific regulations that govern it, are, among other things, those of keeping internal accounting for the financial year.,it

I dati personali trattati possono essere raccolti anche presso terzi quali, a titolo esemplificativo non esaustivo: altri titolari del trattamento, quali persone giuridiche specialiste nel settore di appartenenza del Titolare, società di gestione e prenotazione dei servizi turistici, appositamente autorizzati al trasferimento dei dati dal parte dell’interessato.

The Owner and the manager process the personal data collected and stored in digital format; the processing takes place only personally, or by means of employees required to maintain confidentiality; the processing takes place in a strictly necessary and proportionate way to the requirements of execution of the contract; the owner and the manager activate the security systems to guarantee unforeseen events or illegal or malicious acts that compromise the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the personal data stored or transmitted: the electronic storage is guaranteed by pw and customized access systems, dedicated only to the data controller, periodically updated antivirus systems. Data retention does not take place in the Cloud, nor does it provide for the transfer of data to third parties.,it

There is a need for paper records to be kept of the documents containing data exclusively for the registration of overnight stay subjects, for the purpose of transmission to Public Authorities.,,it,The Data Controller and the manager foresee procedures for the management of the violation of personal data (data breach) in compliance with the legal obligations which must be fulfilled.,,it,CATEGORIES OF DAT I ADDRESSEES:,,it,The data collected will not be disclosed or disseminated.,,it,The data collected will not be disclosed to third parties / recipients for independent purposes unless:,,it,1. A specific, anticipated and informed consent from the interested party is not acquired;,,it

Il Titolare e il responsabile prevedono procedure per la gestione della violazione dei dati personali (data breach) nel rispetto degli obblighi di legge al cui adempimento è tenuto.


I dati raccolti non saranno oggetto di divulgazione, nè di diffusione.

I dati raccolti non saranno comunicati a terzi/destinatari per finalità autonome a meno che:

1. Non sia acquisito uno specifico, anticipato e informato consenso dall’interessato;

2. The processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations depending on the contract and by law.,,it,3. the communication takes place towards the financial and judicial administration and / or the public supervisory and control bodies to which the Data Controller must fulfill specific obligations deriving from the specific nature of the activity carried out;,,it,4. Third parties are delegated or have the right, legally recognized, to receive the personal data of others.,,it,LEGAL BASIS OF TREATMENT AND / OR POSSIBLE LEGAL INTERESTS PURSUED BY THE HOLDER:,,it

3. la comunicazione avvenga nei confronti dell’amministrazione finanziaria e giudiziaria e/o degli enti pubblici di vigilanza e controllo nei confronti dei quali il Titolare deve adempiere a specifici obblighi derivanti dalla specificità dell’attività esercitata;

4. I terzi siano delegati o abbiano titolo, legalmente riconosciuto, a ricevere i dati personali altrui.


The Data Controller may carry out certain processing operations on the basis of certain legitimate interests that do not affect the right to privacy of the data subject, such as those that allow the prevention of contractual fraud; that allow the prevention of computer incidents and the notification to the supervisory authority or the communication to users, if necessary, of the violation of personal data; that allow communication to third parties / recipients for activities related to those of contract management.,,it,Personal data may be disclosed to:,,it,external accounting required for secrecy (only personal and bank details, for accounting purposes;,,it

I dati personali potranno essere comunicati a:
contabili esterni tenuti alla segretezza (solo dati anagrafici e bancari, ai fini della tenuta della contabilità;
notaries, accountants and lawyers, covered by secrecy and in any case within the limits strictly inherent to the execution of the specific task entrusted;,,it,Offices of P.A. within the limits of the necessary execution of tax duties.,,it,Personal data are not subject to dissemination, nor to any fully automated decision-making process, including profiling.,,it,TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA TO A THIRD COUNTRY:,,it,The Owner does not transfer personal data abroad, nor especially to countries outside the U.E ..,,it,FAILURE TO PROVIDE DATA:,,it,Failure to provide data will make it impossible for the Data Controller to follow up the activities relating to the main processing, that is:,,it,contract management, drafting of cost estimates;,,it
Uffici di P.A. nei limiti della necessaria esecuzione dei doveri fiscali.

I dati personali non sono soggetti a diffusione, né ad alcun processo decisionale interamente automatizzato, ivi compresa la profilazione.


Il Titolare non trasferisce i dati personali all’estero, nè specialmente a Paesi extra U.E..

Il mancato conferimento dei dati comporta l’impossibilità per il Titolare di dar seguito alle attività relative al trattamento principale, ovvero:

la gestione del contratto, la redazione di preventivi di spesa;

the fulfilments, also legal, deriving from the established or establishing relationship.,,it,PERSONAL DATA STORAGE PERIOD:,,it


The personal data processed by the Data Controller is kept only for the time necessary to carry out the activities related to the management of the contract with the Owner and, in any case, no later than ten years after its conclusion pursuant to Article 2220 of the Civil Code, or from when the rights that depend on it can be asserted (pursuant to Article 2935 of the Civil Code); as well as for the fulfillment of the obligations (eg fiscal and accounting ones) that remain even after the conclusion of the contract: for these purposes the Data Controller only keeps the data necessary for their pursuit. The cases in which the rights deriving from the contract are to be enforced, in which case the data, necessary for these purposes, will be treated for the time necessary for their pursuit.,it

PROCESSING METHOD:,,it,The data processing is performed through computer procedures or in any case electronic means. The data is stored in electronic and paper archives, with full assurance of adequate and inaccessible security measures.,,it,RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY:,,it,The data subject who provided his data may, at any time, exercise his rights: obtain confirmation of the processing carried out by the Data Controller;,,it,2. to access personal data and information relating to them;,,it

Il trattamento dei dati è eseguito attraverso procedure informatiche o comunque mezzi telematici. I dati sono conservati in archivi elettronici e cartacei, con piena assicurazione di misure di sicurezza adeguate e inaccessibili.


L’interessato che ha fornito i propri dati potrà, in qualsiasi momento, esercitare i diritti: 1.di ottenere conferma del trattamento operato dal Titolare;
2. di accedere ai dati personali ed alle informazioni relative agli stessi;

3. to obtain the rectification or cancellation of the same or the limitation of the processing (in the event of one of the conditions indicated in article 17, paragraph 1 of the GDPR and in compliance with the exceptions provided in paragraph 3 of the same article and / or the limitation of the processing of personal data, in the event of one of the hypotheses indicated in article 18, paragraph 1 of the GDPR);,,it,4. of opposition to the processing (unless there is a legitimate reason prevailing with respect to that which gave rise to the request);,,it,5. to the portability of data or to request and obtain from the data controller,,it,in cases where the legal basis of the processing is the contract or consent, and the same is carried out by automated means,,it

4. di opposizione al trattamento (salvo non sussista un motivo legittimo prevalente rispetto a quello che ha dato origine alla richiesta);

5. alla portabilità dei dati ovvero, richiedere ed ottenere dal titolare del trattamento – nelle ipotesi in cui la base giuridica del trattamento sia il contratto o il consenso, e lo stesso sia effettuato con mezzi automatizzati – personal data in a structured and machine-readable format, also for the purpose of communicating such data to another data controller (c.d. the right to the portability of personal data);,,it,6. to revoke the consent, where envisaged, limited to cases in which the processing is based on consent, for one or more specific purposes and concerns common personal data (eg personal data), or particular categories of data (eg data that reveal racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, health status or sexual life of the interested party). The treatment based on the consent and carried out prior to the revocation of the same preserves, however, its lawfulness;,,it

6. di revocare il consenso, ove previsto, limitatamente alle ipotesi in cui il trattamento sia basato sul consenso, per una o più specifiche finalità e riguardi dati personali comuni (es. anagrafici), oppure particolari categorie di dati (es. dati che rivelano l’origine razziale, le opinioni politiche, le convinzioni religiose, lo stato di salute o la vita sessuale dell’Interessato). Il trattamento basato sul consenso ed effettuato antecedentemente alla revoca dello stesso conserva, comunque, la sua liceità;
7. di proporre reclamo all’autorità di controllo (Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali –

L’esercizio di tali diritti potrà avvenire attraverso l’invio di una richiesta mediante email all’indirizzo dello studio:

L’utente approvando la presente privacy conferma di essere maggiorenne.

Codognè, li 26 maggio 2018