skewer the evening’ at AI CASONI CODOGNé Genuine,Venetian,Cusine

….propone le serate del magnar ben….

L’FARM “AI CASONI”of Codognè, Serves traditional Venetian cuisine, every SUNDAY EVENING we look forward to EVENING OF SPIT, Each dish is from our own production and realized with genuine quality raw materials, we also invite you to taste MEAT A KM 0 our kennel, in OUR SLICED: sopressa, cup and smoked loin, in CUT, in SPIT and all the other dishes we offer according to the season.

We welcome you with ….

Cicchetto WELCOME lollipop Grana, a breadstick with smoked pork loin

SPIT with chicken and pork

BOUNDARY crispy polenta, fried potatoes, beans with onion, salad

DRINKS wine and water


all over €16.00

Co la Panza milk, six district Mayo proverbio veneto