Fiera della Birra,Santa Lucia di Piave

This year there will be the 4th edition of “Mast Birraio”Fair Craft Beer Saint Lucia di Piave, In the province of Treviso, in addition to the regional cuisine and European proposal, we invite you to take a break and reach l’Vacation Rentals” Ai Casoni” Codognè, It is located a few km from the Fair and to take advantage dormire e gustare i piatti tipici trevigiani, homemade with genuine products and the wide range of meat raised directly by family.

Will be held from 10 to 12 April 2015 in the halls of the Old Spinning Mill, the festival will offer hundreds of beers almost always presented by their manufacturers, which illustrate the history and composition, it will be divided into three weekends each with 20 different breweries and different backgrounds:

April 10 to 12, We will be coming from the breweries’entire peninsula

April 17 to 19, The weekend will be dedicated to the breweries of Triveneto

April 24 to 26, The last weekend of the fair will be the turn of European beers

In addition to beer”Mast Birraio”presents greedy pairings with the culinary Italian specialties, sandwiches with porchetta of Ariccia, cannoli, Florentine Chianina beef grilled, the Friulian cuisine, the Apulian focaccia, café and Neapolitan pastry, pasta dishes of the Roman tradition, the Argentine grilled, piadina , focaccia, Sicilian arancini, and more…

The fair also takes the opportunity to spread a better understanding of the beer with a rich program of conferences, pairings with food, production demonstrations with experts.

Entrance costs € 3.00, there are 40,000 square meters of parking across the Fair free for the camper.